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David StarrTouch

Passionately Empowering Clients

When in 2002 I experienced a traumatic brain injury that resulted in significant memory loss: including culture, gender roles, expectations, vocabulary, and knowledge. Since that time I've been on a path of education, discovery, and life mastery.


I have studied communications, psychology, information technology, mental health, counseling, life coaching, yoga, and energy work. I have worked in tech, politics, law, health and fitness, and mental health.


After my clinical master's program, I spent 3 years professionally coaching, teaching yoga, and meditation, in the DC Metro area (I have worked, discretely and publicly, at studios,  government agencies, financial organizations, and churches). After relocating to Colorado in 2013 to study for my PH.D. Colorado is my home now, so I chose to pursue my clinical licensure working as a crisis evaluator at Boulder Community Hospital ( ER and ICU ). I am also the founder of Survivor To Hero ® which focuses on supporting the Heroes Journey. After almost 5 years serving the clinical world with my talents and gifts, I decided it was time to fully commit to my life purpose of helping people around the world using technology to leverage time and distance for all. 

I offer specialized individual services for people over the phone or using popular telehealth solutions. As you will read in my testimonials, I a powerful, safe space, using a heart-centered kindness based approach.  (All services via coaching models, and should not be confused with mental health treatment).


I use a personal Energetic Process with Mindfulness-Based Result-Oriented Coaching

My personal approach: I am a strongly grounded yet gentle coach with a strong spiritual guidance system.

My style of action is centered upon each client's individual needs to co-develop concrete and tangible action processes.

I believe within each person is profound wisdom and greatness. I help you access that through and move forward confidently from a place of your personal alignment.  Your highest performance comes while doing the required inner work and practical action steps. I have developed many tools to forge myself into a resilient and tenacious person using the same processes I share with my clients.  For me, walking my talk is part of my own process and deeply centered on the foundation of my personal values.

DISCLAIMER: These services are not for everyone, and I am not a practicing therapist.

As a formally practicing clinician I always wish to reduce mental health stigma so please read below if you experience mental illness and 
If you have active major mental health (MH) issues we will explore if I am the right fit, and if we work together with you you must agree and commit taking ownership of your mental health.

This mainly applies to Severe Depression, Bipolar I (see exception below) with psychotic features or those who have been diagnosed Schizoaffective Both: Bipolar Type or Depressive Type. I work only work with you IF you already have a mental health practitioner to support you. Should mental health symptoms become too severe to continue we will suspend or discontinue our sessions until your provider will medically clear you to proceed. 

BIPOLAR may have some minor exceptions:

Please note: That bipolar individuals can be some of the highest performers and most creative individuals on the planet! 

I am happy to work with you as long as you are highly functional and/or willing to work with your provider to maintain a grounded performance mindset. I have found many who are diagnosed with Bipolar are often very creative and/or spiritual individuals as well. I have worked with artists, lawyers, software developers, coaches, and other professionals who want to reduce dependency on medication while striving to reach the highest potential. I am happy to be apart of you process to realize your highest greatness.

Often my services can be paid for by health and savings plans (under a wellness program), but other than that I do not work with insurance.

As I have invested tens of thousands in my own personal growth a similar or greater price point levels, I know that what I charge motivates results.

  • I'm a Certified Professional Counselor - CPC 

  • I'm a National Certified Counselor - NCC

  • I'm a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist - C-PLRT -  by Brian Weiss, MD (Author of Many Lives, Many Masters) -

  • I'm a Ph.D. Candidate in Psychology, with a concentration Philosophy and Cognitive Neuroscience

  • I'm an LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado

  • I have a Masters of Arts (MA) in Community Counseling